Farmer Smart Phone Scheme Gujarat

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Farmer Smart Phone Scheme Gujarat : Farmer Smart Phone Scheme Declare by Government of Gujarat. Government of Gujarat will be Give Rs. 1500 for Smartphone to Gujarat’s Farmer.

Farmar Mobile Scheme Gujarat: The scope of digital service in agriculture is increasing day by day.  Farmers are following in the footsteps of agriculture IT  Through the use of technology, new farms adopt the latest technologies in their own income Is increasing.  Including weather forecast, rainfall forecast, probability by farmers Pest infestation information, farmer useful publications, latest farming methods, pests To get information about control technology, assistance schemes of agriculture department and agriculture department Using a smartphone for things like applying online for help in schemes, etc. Being done.

Smartphones can easily fit in the hands of the user, photographs, e-mails, tests And messages like multimedia can be exchanged.  Digital camera, multimedia player, GPS, Buy a smart mobile phone with features like touch screen, web browser, internet connectivity, etc. And the number taken for the purpose that the farmers of the state can use the technology through smartphones (1) And (2) to direct the Director of Agriculture to assist the farmers of the State in purchasing smartphones. The proposal made in the matter was under consideration of the Government.

Farmer Smart Phone Scheme Gujarat : Below Image Circular.

Yojna Summary Here: Farmer Smart Phone Scheme Gujarat

  • Scheme for Farmer
  • Aid to Rs. 15,00/- every Farmer
  • Check to need Document and other Matter
  • Circular Here : Download
  •  Apply online: Click here( Form filling will now begin )

(1) Regarding the assistance of the scheme

One to the farmer under the scheme of providing assistance on the smartphone purchased by the farmer

Assistance will be available at a price of up to Rs. 15000 / – from the purchase of a smartphone.  In which the farmer Assistance of 10% of purchase price of a smartphone or whichever is less than Rs.1500 / – Will be receivable.  E.g.  Any farmer can earn Rs.  If you buy a smartphone worth Rs10% wise Rs.  500 / – or Rs. 1500 / – whichever is less i.e. Rs.  500 / – assistance And if a farmer pays Rs.  If he buys a smartphone worth Rs. 15000 / -, the purchase price 10% at Rs.  1500 / – or Rs.  1500 / – whichever is less i.e. Rs.  1500 / – assistance Meetable. This assistance will only be for the purchase of smartphones, such as other accessories for smartphones Devices such as battery backup devices, earphones, chargers, etc. may not be included.

 (2) Eligibility of Beneficiary: The benefit of this scheme will be available to all farmers holding land in the state. Under this scheme Even if the account holder farmer has more than one account, the assistance will be available only once. Joint In the case of accounts, the farmers benefit only one of the account holders mentioned in 3-A of their land Will be receivable.

Beneficiary’s method of application: Under this scheme farmers get assistance under smartphone purchase on i-khedut portal Must apply online. The applicant farmer then prints out the application Will have to keep.

 (2) Procedure for verification of applications and determination of eligibility: Extension Officer (Agriculture) / Taluka regarding application received from the applicant on i-khedut portal Regular check by the implementing officer to determine the eligibility/ineligibility of the application. Eligibility / Disqualification of applications under the scheme from their login account in Khedut Portal Status must be updated regularly. In case of any change in eligibility status. This can be done with the approval of the District Agriculture Officer. The District Agriculture Officer made such changes Reasons for approval must be noted.

2) Procedure for approval of applications and payment of assistance:

(A) I-farmer under this scheme as per the schedule fixed by the Director of Agriculture for the current year Applications have to be received on the portal. A number of one lakh beneficiaries in the district as per the set target Targets allotted to each district after allotment by the Director of Agriculture on a pro-rata basis. The same number of applications will have to be received on an earlier basis and targets as per its rules Prior approval will have to be done on a regular basis on a first-come-first-served basis.

A total number of eligible applications received within the stipulated time limit is the target allotted in that district. Proceedings to extend the term of the i-farmer portal as required by the Director of Agriculture Will have to.

(B) Eligible applications received within the target limit approved by the Taluka Implementing Officer Prior approval letter has to be given to the concerned applicant.

(C) Approve the application in the login account of the approving officer/employee in the I-Khedut portal You have to register online and apply for the component under the scheme Written / in addition to their address to the concerned applicant / SMS / e where possible. Mail / other arrangements should also be reported.

(D) Selected beneficiaries to purchase a smartphone within 15 days from the date of pre-approval order Will be.

(F) With the printout of the application signed by the applicant farmer after purchasing the smartphone within the stipulated time.

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The following supporting evidence is submitted to the Gram Sevak / Extension Officer / Taluka Implementation Officer Will have to do.

(i) Original bill with GST number regarding the purchase of smartphone

(ii) IMEI number of mobile,

(ii) Copy of 8-A

(iv) Canceled check

(v) Copy of Aadhaar card