Gujarat Shravan Tirth Darshan Yojana 2024 Gujarat Benefit, Online Form and Documents List

શ્રવણ તીર્થદર્શન યોજના  2024 | Gujarat Shravan Tirth Darshan Yojana Gujarat Benefit, Online Form and Documents List

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Gujarat Shravan Tirth Darshan Yojana 2024 Online Apply | Application Form

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Gujarat Shravan Tirth Darshan Yojana 2024: Today’s blogposts is only about Vardhamano Archeology yojana of Gujarat. The basic objective of this yojana is for the elderly citizens of Gujarat. The plan devotes news items to resolutions & various changes. Eligibility have reduced the application & approval process of receiving notices & forms to be the most attainable. Govt. of Gujarat has started Shravan Tirtha Darshan Scheme. From here we will also discuss the new updates and improvements of this Yojana. The purpose of this Yojana is to provide subsidy to old travelers & many other benefits.

  • Name of the Scheme – Shravan Tirtha Darshan Yojana
  • By whom the scheme – launched Gujarat Govt
  • Official Website –
  • Beneficiary – Elderly persons above 60 years of Gujarat State

Shravan Tirtha Darshan Yojana 2024 objective

The objective of Tirtha Darshan Yojana Gujarat is to provide financial help to tourists in the state so that they can visit local religious places. This program offers 50% discount on travel expenses across the state. Also, the yojana aims to release the cultural heritage of Gujarat & promote local tourism.

Shravan Tirtha Darshan Yojana Benefit

  • This program is a dream come true for senior citizens who wish to travel to various holy places.
  • This yojana provides benefits only to the senior citizen of Gujarat state aged 60 years or above.
  • The program provides financial help to travelers by subsidizing up to 50% of the travel cost.
  • The government now covers 75% of the cost of superbuses, minibuses, sleepers or private buses run by the Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation, which has already been upgraded.
  • In the first phase the application period was being given by the govt. while it took two months for the approval of the application, now it takes only a week, which is becoming very useful for the candidate.
  • The travel duration for tourists has now increased from 60 hours and has now been increased to 70 hours.
  • Senior citizens of other communities can also benefit from this yojana.

Gujarat Shravan Tirtha Darshan Scheme Eligibility

  1. Beneficiary should be native of Gujarat 
  2. The age of the beneficiary should be other than 60 years
  3. Beneficiary should be a senior citizen
  4. Beneficiary & Mandatory 30 people and bus will have to be taken on hire

Documents required for Shravan Tirtha Darshan Yojana

  1. Aadhaar card of the beneficiary
  2. Election card of the beneficiary
  3. Ration card of the beneficiary
  4. Residential proof of beneficiary
  5. A passport size Photo of the beneficiary is included

Shravan Tirtha Darshan Yojana List of Important Pilgrimages

  1. Somnath
  2. Ambaji
  3. Dwarka
  4. Shamlaji
  5. Pavagadh
  6. Bahucharaji
  7. Ram trail
  8. Palitana
  9. taker
  10. Dakor

Apart from this, you can visit the official Portal to see the list of about 300 other temples, or the link will be given at the end of this blog posts from where you can see the entire list.

Important Terms of Shravan Tirtha Darshan Yojana 2024 

  1. If both husband and wife want to travel together then either of them should be 60 years or above at the time of online form.
  2. No individual online form will be entertained for availing benefit under this yojana. That is, the application of a group of pilgrims under this scheme will be considered valid.
  3. A person will be eligible to get the benefit only once in every financial year.
  4. Even if the journey is done in ST bus, 75% of Super Bus fare will be eligible.
  5. Even if one has traveled other than the limit of three nights and three days (72 hrs), the benefit will be eligible only within the limit of 72 hrs.
  6. If you want to apply offline, then the application sent to Perbidiya should be written on Parbidiya as “Application for Yatra in Shravan Tirtha Darshan Yojana Year 2024”.
  7. A group of persons applying shall be considered as one application & one applicant or authorized travel agent of the group shall be the lead person.
  8. A maximum of five persons below 60 years of age will be allowed to travel in a booked ST bus or Private Travels bus including old age home workers, registered doctors or compounders or cooks.
  9. A person above 75 Yrs of age can also take one attendant above 18 yrs of age with him if traveling alone.
  10. If any charitable organization wants to take the senior citizens of the old age home on a yatra, that organization can do such a trip in its own bus. A maximum of two representatives of the organization can be taken to supervise the senior citizens of the old age home. For whom there will be no age limit.
  11. If the journey has been made by private bus, a Photo with the passengers of the bus clearly showing the number of the bus must be produced as proof. And the pilgrims who have gone on a journey have to get a signature coin certificate from the pilgrims and present it. In such case 75% of the assistance amount will be directly deposited by the Gujarat Pavitra Yatradham Development Board in the bank account of the authorized agent or head of the group.
  12. If the private bus is equipped with a GPS system, they have to attach only a copy of the GPS data log instead of the evidence mentioned in the above order.
  13. On the front and rear of the tour bus, a banner reading “Gujarat Pavitra Yatradham Development Board, in collaboration with the Government of Gujarat” shall be affixed in large letters legible from a distance of 100 meters.
  14. If the application is not with complete information it will be rejected. In this case the decision of Gujarat Pavitra Yatradham Development Board will be considered final.
  15. The application should clearly state when you want to travel.
  16. Or must travel within 02 months after receiving the approval otherwise the approval will be automatically cancelled.
  17. Pilgrim cannot carry inflammable substance or caffeinated substance or any prohibited illegal substance.
  18. Neither the State Govt. nor any of its senior officers or employees shall be responsible for any accident occurring during the Yatra.

How to apply Shravan Tirtha Darshan Yojana?

  • After Complete our registration, you have to click Here on the login button on the homepage.
  • It will ask you for your username & password and click Here on login button. You have successfully logged in.
  • Then click Here on the new application Form link to open the Yojana online form. Here it will ask for general information and related Details along with the Aadhaar card number, including number of passengers to be accommodated & places of travel.
  • Fill all the information carefully and click Here on save button to get it correct. A new page will open in front of you.
  • Here you have to click Here on add milk link and fill passenger details carefully and click Here on “Save” button. after that,
  • Click Here on the “View” button to confirm the status & after confirming that all the Details is valid click Here on the “Submit” button to complete the filling of the Yojana Application form.

Shravan Tirtha Darshan Yojana Important Links

  • Helpline Contact Number :- +91 79 23252459/23252458
  • Official Web Site:- Click Now
  • Homepage :- Click Now

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