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    Who Hasn’t, At Some Purpose Or Another, Received A Call Or Text On Their Android
    Device From An Unknown Person? It’s Pretty Safe To Say During The Course Of
    Owning A Mobile Phone With An Active Number, You’ve Received At Least A Few
    Unwanted Or Suspicious-Looking Calls Or Texts. Most Devices Can Solely
    Determine A Caller If They’re Programmed Into Your Actual Phone. Some Service
    Suppliers Provide Display Services, But They Can Be Spotty At Best. The Solution;
    A Free App (With Paid Choice Available) For Your Robot Device Known As, Truecaller.
    A Feature Made App Which Will Determine Unlisted Numbers Even Whereas You Are
    Not Connected To The Net. In Addition To Obstruction Spammy And Unwanted Calls,
    Truecaller Currently Features A Block SMS Feature Moreover. Block Unknown
    Callers And Texts And Reap The Rewards Of An Active Community That Updates
    Their Spam Database Day-To-Day. For The Purpose Of This Article, We Used A Samsung
    Galaxy S4 To Demonstrate The Installation Process And Features.


    Truecaller App Latest Version


    How To Change Name On Truecaller App

        If You
    Are Searching For 
    How To Change Name In Truecaller App Then
    You Are In The Right Place. Lets Know How You Can Change Name In Truecaller

    Truecaller Is One Of The Smartphone Applications With The
    Largest Demand. In This Age Of Cell Phones, The Person Who Is Calling Us Can
    Easily See The Caller ID. But What If That Mobile Number Wasn’t Saved In Your
    Phone Book? Truecaller Lets You Get Information About Unknown Numbers. This Software
    Is Also Very Helpful When It Comes To Dealing With Phone Call Scams. When Anyone
    Calls You, Truecaller Will Show You The Person’s Name Even If Your Phone Book
    Doesn’t Save The Number.

    Not Only Does This Awesome Application Save Us From Spam Calls
    But It Also Tells Us Who Calls Our Phone, Any Time Someone Calls You, Truecaller
    Shows You That Person’s Name Even If Your Contact Book Doesn’t Save The Number.
    But Often Even Truecaller Gives You A Misnomer And This Is Not Very Appropriate
    If You Want To Create A Brand Around Your Name Or Company Name.

    Reasons Of Truecaller Showing Wrong Name

    Truecaller Collects Name And Other Information From The Cell
    Phone Books That Have Been Activated On The Truecaller App. So The Knowledge Is
    Essentially Audience-Sourced By Truecaller. Say, Your Name Is Raf And You’re
    Working At A Grocery Shop. It’s Likely That A Lot Of Your Customers Save Your
    Name In Their Phone Books As “Raf Grocery Shop.” If Truecaller Learns This
    Information From Various Phone Books, It Will Suggest That Your Phone Number
    Belongs To A Person Whose Name Is Raf Grocery Shop.

    Also, If Your Current Phone Number Was Previously Someone
    Else’s, Truecaller Database Could Hold The Old Numbers. Often It Happens When
    You Buy A New Phone Number Again.

    How To Change Wrong Name On Truecaller App:-

    There Are Two Methods To Fix A Wrong Name In Truecaller Database

    1. Install The Truecaller App (Android | Iphone | Windows Phone) On Your
    Mobile Phone

    2. Via Truecaller Website Web Page And Login
    Using Your Google Account (Or Any Other Method That Is Offered).

    Method : 1

    1. Download Truecaller, And Launch It

    2. The App Will Give You An SMS Message Verifying Your Phone

    3. Start The Truecaller App After Verification, And Open The App

    4. Click On Edit

    5. Click
    Pencil Icon Beside Your Name.

    6. Change Your Name As You Want It To Appear In Truecaller.

    7. Click

    You Done! Truecaller Database Has Been Modified And Your Incorrect Name Corrected. Now, If You Call Someone Who Doesn’t Have Your Phone Number In Their Phone Book, They’ll See Your Name In Truecaller Right.

    Method : 2

    1. Go To The Truecaller Website And Login
    Using Your Google Account (Or Any Other Provided Method). Look For Your Mobile
    Number After Login. You Should Get A Similar Screen:

    2. Type
    Your Number In The 
    Search Box Above
    And Click On 
    Suggest Name.

    Type Your Number In The Search Box Above And Click On Suggest Name

    3. Change Your Name As
    You Want It To Appear In Truecaller.

    On Save

    4. Click On Save.

    This Method, As You Can See, Doesn’t Verify You As The Phone
    Number Owner. So, In Truecaller Database, Everyone Can Make A Suggestion To
    Change Someone’s Name. If The Truecaller Staff Feels The Recommendation Was
    Incorrect, They Won’t Make The Required Modification.

    The Second Method May Or May Not Function As A Result. Using
    The First Option Is Easier, But If You’re In A Rush Or Don’t Have A Mobile
    Internet Connection To Download The Software, You Can Use The Suggestion
    Facility For The Name.

    Please Note That Both Of The Above
    Methods Can Take Some Time To Represent Changes You Have Made. You Will Not
    Expect The Corrected Name To Start Reflecting On Truecaller Right Away.

    So This Is How To Change Name On Truecaller App. This Really
    Helps If Truecaller Shows The Name Wrong. If You Have Any Questions About This
    Subject Please Do Not Hesitate To Ask Us In The Comments Section Below. We’ll Try
    To Support You

    Download App : Android | Iphone | Windows Phone